Paul Reitano Photographs

A short time after I appeared on WRSI’s Monte Belmont radio program a few weeks ago, I was contacted by Paul Reitano, a resident area photographer. He said he was very inspired by my story and asked if he could take some pictures of me. I told him how much I was moved by his request to photograph me. After working out a scheduled time, we met on Tuesday February 20, for a morning outdoor shoot on Middle St. in Amherst.

Shortly after Paul began taking pictures of me in a field, a man came hurriedly walking down the street with his grey and white hunting dog pulling at the collar on a long leash like he doesn’t get out that much, and told us we were on private property, his property. After apologizing profusely, he sorted of grunted at us, and explained the trouble he has had in the past with trespassers drinking and leaving beer cans on the ground. He said while he didn’t see us as that type, he just preferred we take pictures elsewhere, and we quickly went on our way to nearby public conservation land.

I share this story because its part of the lead up to my departure for Alabama. Most Amherst residents aren’t like this man at all, but I liked that he had a kind of classic New England gruff about him before softening his position to show he actually listened to us. As for the rest of the photo shoot, it was a walk in the park.

Here are a few of the wonderful photographs Paul captured.