Wonderful day walking today. I heard the ancestors rejoicing about entering Montgomery County. They were happy that I could feel and sense their 1963 Selma to Montgomery accomplishment. Towards the end of the day many of the ancestors were complaining about how sore their feet were as they turned on to Highway 31, and realized they still had another two and a half miles to go to Campsite 4 and St. Jude City.

In other Walk to Freedom developments today, I was interviewed by two television stations here in Montgomery; and my fraternity, Alpha Phi Alpha have put out state and regional wide messages about me and they responded in a big way. I’m staying tonight at a local Catholic Church where the Minister is an Alpha. The principal at the attached school is an Alpha and so on. I’ve had an amazing welcome in Montgomery. I’ll share more in other posts. Tomorrow I complete the final four miles to the state capital.