Man Quits Job to Walk to Memphis

As I started out this morning to complete the final 4 miles of the Selma to Montgomery Civil Rights Trail, a man in a wheelchair with one leg stopped in front of me and said “are you the hiker I saw on the TV news last night? I said yes, and he replied “good luck to you. I admire what you’re doing.” Then a few you blocks later I walk into a breakfast joint filled with people and the man behind the counter shouts “I saw you on television news this morning” anything you want is on the house. And that was the reception I received all day here in Montgomery today. People wanted pictures with me and museums refused to accept money from me and allowed me in for free. I was humbled. It was an incredible. reception here in Montgomery.

The funny part of the story that was recited the most back to me was that I quit my job to walk to Memphis. Here are a few pictures of some of the people that requested or agreed to have a picture.