Rest & Relaxation

Since arriving in Birmingham yesterday afternoon, I’ve tried to relax a little. I plan to remain here until Sunday before resuming my walk. Brothers from my fraternity, Alpha Phi Alpha, have offered me a place to stay at the local fraternity house, which I gladly accepted, so I don’t have to worry about accomodations for the next couple of days.

I plan to return to the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church area today or tomorrow to do a little site-seeing and visit the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute (which wouldn’t allow me to use their public rest rooms yesterday afternoon, and there were no other public facilities nearby for tourists.) You know how young people say, ‘just saying’ 🙁

People continue to show their generosity to me here in Birmingham as they have thus far across Central Alabama. Yesterday I met a man in a Piggly Wiggly supermarket here near 29th Street, who offered to buy my lunch, and a local barber gave me a free shave after learning I walked here from Selma. His name was Don Mearon and he Don Mesron, Don’s Hair Carewas located downtown in the 1800 block of 3rd Ave. North. Later that evening at a local restaurant, another man bought me a nice shot of Kentucky Bourbon to take the edge of the road off.  I’m more of a Scotch then a Bourbon man, but the 11 year old Parker Bourbon we drank was very smooth, and it had a nice smokey quality to it.