The First Day

The first day of my walk is now behind me.

The success of it is highlighted by what I was able to accomplish in just a few short days to see it come to fruition. Below I’ve listed a few bulleted highlights. I having difficulty uploading images which I will have to work out in the coming days.

Other highlights included:

  • A meet and greet picture taking opportunity with a group of French tourists visiting New York and being shown the Swing Low Harriet Tubman Memorial statue
  • My brother’s friend Andre Kerman walking the first six miles with me.
  • Being welcomed to New Rochelle by the Executive Director, Linda Tarrant-Reid, of grow! Lincoln Park along with¬† her husband, Stewart. Linda and Stewart hosted me while there providing me dinner and lodging which I am so grateful for because it took me a while to recover from the effects of the heat. grow! Lincoln Park Community Garden (grow! LPCG), a program of the Lincoln Park Conservancy, located on the historic Lincoln Park Corridor, is a 10,000 square foot sustainable, organic garden situated on the city-owned campus of Lincoln Park.¬† grow! LPCG was created in 2011, with authorization from the New Rochelle City Council and support from Department of Parks & Recreation, as a lasting commemoration of the 50-year anniversary of the Lincoln Elementary School Desegregation Case of 1961.
  • A Philadelphia Inquirer story by staff writer Valerie Russ about my walk from New York to Canada. The story is titled: “Philly’s ‘Walking Artist’ embarks on another leg of his epic tribute to Harriet Tubman. This time it is a 450-mile trek from NY to Canada”

Making Adjustments

It’s hard to call the effect from the heat I experienced yesterday a highlight but it was a major story for me. Despite drinking over a 100 fluid ounces of water and juice the last five miles of the walk was tough as exhaustion set in. I finished but it took me several hours to recover last night.

To combat the formidable enemy, today I started walking around 6:30 a.m. to get ahead of the heat. I completed over half of my 14-mile walk today by ten o’clock. The remaining miles I am breaking up with cooling breaks at local public libraries to update my blog, map out my walking route, and answer email. Writing from the White Plains Public Library, I plan to walk another 2-3 miles to Purchase, New York this afternoon before calling it a day.

I took a two hour break at the Scarsdale Public Library this morning for a pre-arranged meeting with a wonderful local historian named Jordan Copeland. Copeland has been doing some wonderful work documenting the Black community of Scarsdale. Here’s a link to a 2020 program he created on the History of Black Community in Scarsdale.