We Still Here!

For the first time, I’ve actually given a title to an upcoming walk.  I knew I wanted the walk from Hapers Ferry to Gettysburg to focus on the Black communities I would be visiting that have long struggled with segregation and racism. So it seemed fitting to title the walk We Still Here because the same communities also have a history of diversity, progress, and activism.

Poet Ursula Rucker is the central image of a Philadelphia mural called “We Still Here! [that] highlights poetry from local youth and community members. Shouting through a megaphone, Rucker’s call that “We Still Here! ” amplifies the community voices that have long championed Germantown as one of Philadelphia’s gems. Her poem celebrates the diversity and brilliance of this historic community.”

We Still Here

We Shine

We Still Here! We Still Here © 2021 City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program / Gaia, Jetsonorama, & Ursula Rucker, 22 Maplewood Mall.

We Stars

We Rise

We Beautiful

We Brilliant

We Magic 

We L.o.v.e.