Looking Back: Visiting Rust College, Walk to Freedom, Spring 2018

While going through video clips recently from some of my earlier walks, I recovered this March 2018 discussion with Rev. Kevin Cox, Jr., Chaplain, and Professor of Religion and Philosophy, and Brock Talley, Dean of Enrollment Management, at Rust College, in Holly Springs, Mississippi. Rust College hosted me overnight on my walk from to Memphis.

Rust College was established in 1866 by the Freedman’s Aid Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Its founders were missionaries from the North who opened a school in Asbury Methodist Episcopal Church, accepting adults of all ages, as well as children, for instruction in elementary subjects. A year later the first building on the present campus was erected.

In this conversation with Rev. Cox and Mr. Talley, we talked about how they interpret the meaning of my Walk to Freedom. This became a discussion point for me between Selma, Alabama and Memphis, Tennessee, as I realized Walk to Freedom meant different things to different people.