Christmas Rescue Journey to Philadelphia

Example of worn out shoes. Not one’s worn by Tubman.
Harriet Tubman, circa 1871-1876, by Harvey B Lindsley.

Harriet Tubman looked at her nails with a slight displeasure as she rubbed her hands together near the fireplace. She was trying to warm up after traveling all night to reach the Wilmington area safehouse. As the other members of her rescue party rested, Harriet remained focused on the mission ahead as she stared into the fire. Thomas Garret walked into the room handing Tubman a cup of tea and sits down next to her. They quietly talk about the next leg of the journey to Philadelphia before she brings up the need to buy another pair of shoes. Garrett gives Tubman $2.00 (about $75 in today’s dollars) for her and another member of her party to buy new shoes.

The above story is imagined, and very loosely based on the actual historical account of Tubman and Garrett meeting during her rescue trip.