The following is a list of  Counties and Towns I will be walking through. The dates are approximate barring any walking issues. After I depart Selma on Sunday February 25, I anticipate arriving in the next town listed within a one to two day range from the previous last stop. If I am running ahead of schedule along the way I will take a day off to rest. I’m hoping to be able to take off at least two days off en route to Memphis.


County (Townships): Dallas County (Selma); Lowndes County (Benton, Lowndesboro); Montgomery County (Montgomery); Autauga County (Millbrook); Elmore County (Deatsville); Chilton County (Verbeana, aka Summerfield, Thorsby, Calera); Shelby County (Pelham); Jefferson County (Birmingham, Graysville, Sumiton); Walker County (Jasper, Carbon Hill); Marion County (Winfield); Lamar County (Sulligent)

02/25/18 Day 1: Selma to Benton, via Highway 80, Selma to Montgomery National Civil Rights Trail, 15 miles

Day 2: Benton to Lowndesboro via Highway 80, via Highway 80, 15 miles

Day 3: Lowndesboro to 600 Dexter Ave., Alabama State Capitol, Montgomery, 22 miles

Day 4: Alabama State Capitol to Millbrook/Deatsville, Hwy 143, 15-18 miles

Day 5: Millbrook/Deatsville to Verbeana, hwy 143 to 31, 17.5 miles

Day 6: Verbena toThorsby, via Rt 31, 17.5 miles

Day 7: Thorsby to Calera, via Rt 31N, 14.0 miles

Day 8: Calera to Pelham, via Rt 31N, 14.0 miles

Day 9: Pelham to Birmingham Civil Rts Institute, via Rt 31N/Rt 149, 18.0 miles

Day 10: Birmingham to Graysville via Rt. 78 (Veterans Memorial Drive), 13 miles

Day 11: Graysville to Sumiton, via AL-5S/Hwy 78 E and Horsecreek Blvd, 12 miles

Day 12: Sumiton to Jasper, via Old Birmingham Hwy, 16 miles

Day 13: Jasper to Carbon Hill, via Al-118 E, 16 miles

Day 14: Carbon Hill to Winfield, via Al-118 W, 18 miles

Day 15: Winfield to Sulligent via US-43 and 278W, 21 miles

Day 16: Sulligent, AL to Greenwood Springs, MS via US-278 W, 10 miles

Birmingham to Greenwood Springs, MS, 103 miles


County (Townships): Monroe County (Greenwood Springs, Bigbee); Lee County (Shannon, Tupelo);  Union County (Blue Springs, Myrtle); Marshall County (Potts Camp, Holly Springs, Byhalia); DeSoto County (Olive Branch

Townships: Greenwood Springs, Bigbee, Shannon, Tupelo, Blue Springs, Myrtle, Potts Camp, Holly Springs, Byhalia, Olive Branch, (10)  plus Oakville, TN

Day 17:  Greenwood Springs to Bigbee, via US-278 W, 18 miles

Day 18: Bigbee to Shannon, via MS-6 W and US-278 E, US-45, 14 miles

Day 19: Shannon to Tupelo, via MS-145 N, 11 miles

Day 20: Tupelo to Blue Springs, via MS 178-W 16 miles

Day 21: Blue Springs to Myrtle, via MS-178 W, 17 miles

Day 22: Myrtle to Potts Camp, via MS-178 W, 14 miles

Day 23: Potts Camp to Holly Springs (Rust College), via MS-178 W, 14 miles

Day 24: Holly Springs to Byhalia, via MS-178 W, 16 miles

Day 25: Byhalia to Olive Branch, via MS-178 W, 10 miles

Day 26: Olive Branch to Oakville, TN, via Old Hwy 78 & Lamar Ave., 10 miles

Day 27: Oakville to National Civil Rights Museum, via Lamar Ave., 9 miles

Greenwood Springs, MS to Memphis, via 178 W, 143 miles, 10 days