Cracker Barrel

Amalia Kartright, a reporter for the Chilton County Reporter, and I agreed to meet at the Cracker Barrel Restaurant around noon yesterday for an interview. I was visibly limping after just five miles of walking as we walked into the restaurant. After the interview, a very nice woman who was sitting at a table across from us and overheard our conversation came up to say how impressed she was with my walk. She waited until after my check arrived at the table to introduce herself and then kindly offered to pay for my lunch. Keith McCoy, the photographer assigned to the story, drove me to Urgent Care and waited for me while an X-ray was taken and then offered to put me up for the night. It’s this kind of hospitality that has made this journey so incredibly special.

Thank you to everyone who has followed and contributed to Walk to Freedom. I’m doing it for everyone who believes in Movement (physically and spiritually.) The Civil Rights movement and the natural movement of the body.