Fast Food Nation

Another day, same fast food chains. Yesterday’s choices will be tomorrow’s choices again for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Will it be Barbeque, Cracker Barrel, Captain D’s, Jacks, Chick-fil-A, Milos, Waffle House or Burger King? I know a lot of people swear by the food at the Waffle House because of its cheap prices, but that is the last place in the world I’ll eat at. Their food is disgusting and not fresh at all in my sweet, humble opinion. I had breakfast at Jacks yesterday and my meal came with grits (butter and salt included), eggs, biscuits and gravy. I’ll go back there again. The breakfast food was tasty and the company was very nice (more on the people I met and interviewed in another post.)

Yesterday’s winner – the Cracker Barrel! I had a salad (not truly soft mixed greens), meatloaf, Brussel sprout salad and biscuits. It was actually yummy. Then again everything tastes great after walking 5,10,15 miles in a day.