A Date with a King

Arriving in Sulligent, Alabama

I arrived in Sulligent, Alabama shortly before noon yesterday seeking shelter from threatening rain clouds. While the rain never showed up, I met a wonderful group of people from the First Will Baptist Church. As some of the members of church filed out the building, a few members of the youth ministry came up to me and wanted to know where I was walking to, and how long it was going to take me to get there? The children and adults in the group couldn’t believe I was walking all the way to Memphis, about 150 miles from Sulligent. When I explained to them that I was planning to stay overnight they invited me to attend their evening service and supper.

Up the road at the local Country Squire Inn, a steak house and Inn, where I was planning to stay the night, I learned upon arrival they already had my name and reservation. Apparently the church paid for my accommodations. I was very humbled by this generous offer.

I’m glad I have this rain delay because it gives me a chance to just reflect on all the wonderful experiences that I’ve had here in Alabama. I’ve truly been blessed with this walk. From Selma to Sulligent, the last town I will pass through in Alabama, people have been so kind to me here. It will be sad leaving the state, but I have a date with a King and I must press on.