Air Your Linen

Air Your Linen

I’ve always loved textile art, and when I learned that Northern Ireland’s Linen Biennale is attempting to make the biggest tablecloth in NI by 2020, I asked if I could contribute. 

“Northern Ireland’s Linen Biennale celebrates the past, present and future landscape of linen through the arts.  The Linen Biennale stimulates new thinking about Ireland’s oldest textile products: flax and linen. “

They are seeking lightly used “100% Linen Tablecloths or Napkins.”  It will be stitched together to form the largest tablecloth ever exhibited for their next Linen Biennale in 2020. 

If you have light used linen that you would like to donate for Northern Ireland’s Linen Biennale, please contact me before April 3, to make arrangements for its transfer. I’m willing to pick it up if you live within 30 miles of Northampton. I have limited luggage space, but I’m willing to pay any reasonable airline fees for the extra baggage weight to make sure Massachusetts is represented. 

To learn more about the Linen Biennale go to: