Workout Routine, Health & Elevation

Today I began two-a-day work out routine to prepare for my upcoming Caminata Across Puerto Rico. I hiked three miles around Mount Tom this morning followed by a two and a quarter mile run this afternoon.

In between the workouts I visited my cardiologist to get results from a recent echocardiogram. He said my heart looks good, all test results were normal, and I should keep doing what I am doing. It feels good to know my body is responding well to my workout regimen because the mountains of Puerto Rico will surely challenge me.

Graph of elevation gain of the Cordillera Central Mountains in Puerto Rico

Here’s a graph of the elevation gain the team and I will encounter on my caminata across Puerto Rico, following the path of Hurricane Maria from the point it left the island near Quebradillas to where it first came ashore in 2017 in Yabucoa. Look at those peaks and valleys!

The first major climb begins towards the end of day two with a 1,200-1,500 foot climb as we near the City of Utuado. Then it just goes up and up from day three to ten before we begin to descend around mile 90 toward the southeast coast but not before one last big climb before reaching the sea.