Perth Amboy Support

I’d like to thank Mayor Helmin Caba, the City of Perth Amboy, and its police department for helping me to continue my journey to New York retracing the footsteps of Freedom Seekers following the Underground Railroad.

The Mayor and his team supported me in my quest to reach Tottenville, New York last Saturday. Perth Amboy was a major crossing point for Freedom Seekers attempting to reach New York in the mid-19th century. The coordination of our crossing was also aided by the Ferry Slip Museum which warmly greeted us before our departure providing refreshments.

Perth Amboy is also celebrating Thomas Mundy Peterson Day this spring. Peterson was the very first African American to vote in the U.S. after the passage of the 15th Amendment. He casted his vote in historic Perth Amboy, New Jersey.

Peth Amboy Police Boat
View of Perth Amboy from Arthur Kill River
Commemoration Flyer for Thomas Mundy Peterson Day Curtesy of Ann Daily, Chair