Remembering Nana Harriet’s Rescue

Last Saturday, December 24, 2022, five brave souls rendezvoused with Linda Harris and I in Preston, Maryland, on the grounds of Mt. Pleasant Acres Farm, for a walk to commemorate Harriet Tubman’s 168th Anniversary rescue of her brothers.

Dressed in ski gear, multiple layers of coats, hats and gloves we prepared the best we could to fend off the artic cold like weather that enveloped the mid-west and much of the Eastern U.S. this past holiday weekend. Guiding visitors across the Poplar Neck landscape along the Choptank River, a site of selective memory, helps restore the history of Nana Harriet’s December 25, 1854 rescue. ┬áThe short 3.5 mile walk brings people inside the story of one of this nation’s most beloved Freedom Seekers and allows them to feel the ground she walked, tilled, ran across, and escaped from.

I look forward to returning again next year to share the story over and over with people.

By Metra Lundy
By Linda Harris