Leroy Copeland, Growing Up in Frederick, MD

After walking into Frederick, Maryland on Friday May 19, 2023 from Jefferson, I wanted to talk to residents of the Black community about what it was like growing up in Frederick, a community just 26 miles below the Mason-Dixon line that for over a century stubbornly held onto racial segregationist views. One gentleman I met on the street while sitting in front of the Quinn Chapel AME church trying to get my bearings was Mr. Leroy Copeland. Born in 1968, Mr. Copeland said his recollection of moving to Frederick as a young child with his parents was during a time after the struggles of the 1960s Civil Rights movement. Intergration was slowly becoming accepted and white people were adjusting to the new norm of African Americans having equal rights.

When I met Mr. Copeland walking down the street he was between service calls for his job and graciously agreed to talk to me for my project. In the audio recording he discusses his family, neighborhoods, and raising his own son in Frederick.