Samuel Hubbard & Family

This is Mr. Samuel Hubbard. We met on Christmas Eve afternoon for the first time at the Mt. Pleasant Cemetery in Preston, Maryland. He was accompanied by his children. They were placing wreaths on the headstone of Sam’s mother, who died on Christmas Eve many years ago. Mr. Hubbard is a descendant of Daniel Hubbard, who was an Underground Railroad agent during the time Harriet Tubman was making frequent forays in the area to rescue her family.
Mr. Hubbard and his family were surprised when I told them I’ve been talking about the Hubbard family for the last two days with my friend, Gina Hubbard, who resides in Philadelphia. She knew she had relatives in the Preston area, but didn’t know too many of them. While standing in the cemetery I connected the two families by telephone for the first time. It was a beautiful moment to listen and observe.
In this video clip Mr. Hubbard talks about his family’s connection to the cemetery and family members who relocated to Germantown, Philadelphia, where I grew up as a child. One of my father’s lifelong friends was a gentleman named John Hubbard, Gina’s father. Both of our grandparent’s are buried in the same graveyard here in the Philadelphia area.










L-R Kim Brooks, Lorraine Hubbard Gould, Lillian Hubbard, Claressa Hubbard, Lorenzo Samuel Hubbard, Sam Hubbard, Jr.